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FEAL Supension can be found on drift and race cars around the world and for good reason – it works!  These are not off the shelf coilovers.  Each kit is assembled in house at FEAL per order.  Best in the industry, Swift springs come standard.  The performance bang for the buck is high with FEAL.

Use the drop down box to select the correct FEAL 441 coilover application for your  vehicle/model.  Please check the notes listed below for specifics, if any, regarding your application.  Quantity “1” means one full set of four coilovers.

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370z, z34 441NI-04 — Full coilover conversion
350z, z33 441NI-03 — Full coilover conversion
S13, 240sx 441NI-01 — Extra front camber adjustability
S14/S15, 240sx 441NI-02 — Extra front camber adjustability
Sentra, B13 441NI-13 — Spherical bearing rear top mount
Sentra, B14 441NI-14 — Spherical bearing rear top mount

Please refer to the FEAL SUSPENSION homepage for complete info and specifications for your application. If you have any questions or specific build request, don’t hesitate to ask!

Suspension kits are made to order please allow up to 2 weeks for assembly and shipping (thought it generally is faster).

**Product images are generic.**

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 90 x 60 x 91 in
FEAL 441 Nissan

280ZX (441NI-12), 300ZX, Z32 (441NI-11), 350Z, Z33 (441NI-03), 370Z, Z34 (441NI-04), S13, 240SX (441NI-01), S14/S15, 240SX (441NI-02), Sentra, B13 (441NI-13), Sentra, B14 (441NI-14), Skyline R32 GTR, AWD (441NI-06), Skyline R32 GTST, RWD (441NI-05), Skyline R33 GTR, AWD (441NI-08), Skyline R33 GTST, RWD (441NI-07), Skyline R34 GTR, AWD (441NI-10), Skyline R34 GTT, RWD (441NI-09)


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