The S15 LHD Dash pre-order is on hold currently while we make necessary revisions to the design to create a better end product and ensure higher production quality. The updates from what you see in the pictures are as follows:

–Flatten out the gauge cluster area so there is a better mounting surface for a Racepak/AIM type dash or aftermarket tach/speedo/temp gauges
–Round out the transition from the upper dash to the lower dash
–Delete the “step” on the side of the dash between the upper dash and lower dash
–Include pass through mounting locations in the OEM locations in the defrost vent area
–Reshape the steering column U-shape “cutout”
–Add some sort of sides to the center panel area that tie it to the lower section and add some strength

Updated pricing will be released after the revisions so the pre-order is on hold in the interim. We will release updated photos and details as we progress and will post updated pre-order details once ready. Thank you for your patience and understanding!***

We at Brickhouse have been excited about this S15 LHD Dash project for a long time and it has taken many many hours (way more than anticipated) to finally get to this point of being able to open the pre-order, but it's finally here!  We really appreciate everyone's patience and interest as this has come together.  This is a PRE-ORDER for the Brickhouse LHD S15 FRP dashboard (please read and understand all details below before placing your order).

We have always considered this a “motorsports application” product.  It is a FRP dash shell so the end user will have to figure out a method of mounting that works best for their application.  Trimming might be required for a tighter fit and will be mandatory if you have a roll cage, etc.  The bottom line is – to install this in a “streetcar” and expect full integration of OEM components will take custom work by the end user.  THIS IS NOT A BOLT-IN OEM REPLACEMENT DASH FOR S-CHASSIS'.

Fitment wise, S15 dashes fit in S13's and S14's and the swap is a great way to update the look of the interior to what is easily the best looking s-chassis dash.  S13 door panels will clear the S15 dash.  S14 door panels interfere with the dash at the upper forward corners since S14 door panels bulge out in that area.  We plan on doing some in car fitment videos when we have the first unit made.  Now, onto the important stuff…

PRE-ORDER DETAILS:  Each dash will be made and shipped in the order the pre-orders are received so the sooner you get in, the sooner you get yours!  Due to curing times we can only produce them at a fixed rate so please keep that in mind while waiting or thinking about when to order. We will be happy to update you on your position in line as we fulfill orders; just give us a call, send us an email, or message on our Facebook page or Instagram.  If you have any other questions, please contact us!

Product images are of the plug prior to molding; we will update the product images with actual pictures once we pull the first part.

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