S14 Engine Bay Shave/Delete Kit


Greatly simplify the process of shaving your engine bay and save a heap of time and money in the process! It would cost more to pay a body shop to delete one hole let alone an entire engine bay! A time save for shop owners too! Time = money!

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This is a complete kit for shaving a S14 240SX engine bay of all large holes to allow the end user the flexibility to get as extreme as they want with their engine bay shave. Contents of included panels listed by hole function/location:

Engine Wiring Harness
A/C Lines (full pear shape to delete both lines with one panel)
A/C Drain
OEM Brake Line (x2)
ABS Sensor Hole (x2)
Large, front side ovals (x2)
Washer Fluid Tank Neck
Heater Openings (x2)
Front LH Corner Airbox (pear shape)
LH Intercooler Pipe Hole
Wiper Motor
LH Chassis Loom (wheel well)
Hood Cable

In the product pictures is what we have dubbed a “motorsports shave” – tacked from the back side to leave a clean visible surface without the extra steps of actually using body filler to get a glass like surface. If you want fully smooth engine bay, delete panels would be welded on the face of the hole and the weld shaved down.

And while the panels are precision cut; keep in mind each S14 chassis is now 19+ years old and each with its own different history of crashes and modifications, so some trimming or fitting may be required to fit your application.

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1.5 in


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