Minty Fresh: The Beginning

Ok, Ladies and Gents this is my first post so bare with if things aren’t perfect, but with time I will work out the kinks.

So, lets start at the beginning.   I picked this 89 Nissan 240sx up about a year and a half ago from a local kid and this thing was rough.  However, I saw potential that no one else did: rust free, no motor, fairly clean interior, and the cost $200.  How can you say “No” to a $200 car?

Original plan was to make it road worthy for the wife, but with a little spunk.  Energy Suspension bushing full car kit, paint the sus arms, wheels, clean up the body somewhat, paint, put the SOHC from the Red Baron in, and A/C.  This way I figured I would have some fun when I got to drive it.

You have to love the “Snowball” effect!!!

Here is how the car looked when Steve and I towed it home at 10p.m.-ish the night I got it.


Someone didn’t know how to do bodywork.


Basically I had parts throughout the car.  The kid was a Honda head, so he didn’t know how Nissan’s came apart.


This car was in need of some serious sorting.  The radiator support, front wheel wells, Driver’s Side (DS) frame were tweeked, the whole DS door and quarter panel were toast. I some how got lucky,  right as I was getting ready to just slap bondo on the car and get the front frame straightened, a guy on our local forum posted up a rust free 240sx from Texas he was parting. He only need the passenger side quarter, so the rest was up for grabs.  I got a little greedy and took the front aprons foward, the sun roofless roof (for a spare), the manual doors (so the whole car is now manual), and the DS quarter panel.  All of this for 400 bones.  So the Reworking of Minty Fresh was on.  I also ordered poly urethane bushings for the whole car.  Poly bushing suck to install but are worth every penny.  More pics:

Radiator support off


New Front


Old Quarter removed


New Quarter on


Replaced the rusty battery tray area in the new front support


It was my birthday about this time and my wife decided for it, she would clean my mess up in the Garage. I <3 her.


Fresh undercoat for the whole car.  Big thanks to Steve for washing the whole underside.


New Doors on, the beginning of Bondo (glaze coat).


I think, what I just posted was over a period of about 3 months.  The Snowball had been set in motion, albeit at the top of the hill and only baseball sized.  I was still planning on using the SOHC from”The Red Baron (my first 240sx which I will do a quicky write up one of these days).  Steven and I also painted all the control arms, subframe, differential and anything else that looked better with a fresh coat of black.  The color scheme was nailed down to black and J40 paint code from Maxima’s and Altima’s.  I installed a VLSD from a 95 S14 wrecker I bought several years ago.  Also, picked up a set of Tanabe sway bar 30mm front, and 27.5mm rear (s14 rear).  I fought like crazy to use Energy Sus Poly bushing on both the front and rear sway bar brakets but could only get S14 front energy bushings to fit the rear Tanabe bar.  A cool fact about the sway bars is they came of the XAT Trans-am 240sx…or maybe not so cool (that car was fugly).  Then found a friend with a set of Q45 front brakes (I was going to use my z32’s but they don’t clear Enkei mesh without spacers). Also bought a set of Enkei mesh from a fellow member on on the cheap with tires.  No lame ass sizes here (at least not for Enkei Mesh)  16x8J -0 offset.

New plan: Drifter in Stock clothing!

So that is it for this post, next up is priming, paint and more parts!