Minty Fresh: Body + Paint = Wonder Twins Activate

So resuming were I left off last time.  The car is officially not for the wife anymore and is to have a stock look while performing much better.

I was able to get 3/4 of the paint work done before the cold hit last winter(08) and then finished this spring(09). I don’t want you guys to get the idea that body work is easy, it isn’t.  It consumes way too much time, and if given the option, I would pay someone to do it(but I am not made of money…or eyes).

All work was done once again in my garage, paint too. If proper steps are taken, you can get a decent paint job out of your garage.  I crack my garage door, and place a box fan w/furnace filter at the other end.  This create some pull to clear fumes(into your neighbors yards).  Also painting on still(not windy), or rainy days is best.

On with pictures:

So my initial prime job was just the bondo’ed areas, this was to conserve primer and keep cost down.


Then after sanding the spot primer job, came two full coats.


The bitch, of all bitches was next.  Scuffed the bay, prep’ed it, and…


shot it all in one night thanks to the wife’s assistance. (insert exploding heads here) It looks that good.


Next up was edging or jambing.  I don’t know how you can see these remaining pic as I am sure your eyes melted out of your skull after the engine bay shot’s pure hotness.


Mid paint job. Painted a-pillar/roof line black, roof is body color. It was cold and was starting to get too cold for paint.


Clear-coated, and looking heavenly.


A taste of things to come….MORTAL KOM..bat…



Just wanted to show off the Cold Stone punch card…just 8 more punches…


It looks as though I never took any pictures of the front end pieces that I painted this spring. I did them at work, so that would explain that. Also, I think I slowed up on the picture taking…lol.

So not everyone will agree with my color choice, but here are my thoughts on it.  I wanted something good looking but not a cop magnet.  It also had to have a certain level of maturity to it.  So these criteria ruled out any reds, yellows, and oranges.  I don’t like purple all that much(besided it belongs to the Grip Gamblers).  Black, white, and silver are the colors that everyone falls back on if they can’t pick an actual color. I will do a blue car but not yet. So this left green, I didn’t want a dark green.  It also seemed like silver flaked colors were looking good about that time.  It was also nice to stick Nissan just cause I like that.

I leave you with this teaser pic for next time.  Engine and Suspension: