About: The Man They Call Greg

If you have been to the site a couple times you are probably wondering: Who this Greg character is and what is his background?  So here she be…

I have been in love with cars since about 13-14 yrs old.  Originally, I wanted to build a 4×4 but seeing as how I owned a 2×4 I gravitated to the Truckin’ seen.  I never did build my truck much past paint and sound (always wanted to bag it, just never found the cash).

In 2002, I began my college experience at UNL. Still rolling the Pick-up, but getting bored with it.  Fate happened that fall by placing me in BIOS 101 Lab with a 240 nut. It goes downhill from here.  He had turbo’ed the KA and was run 13’s at the strip looking for 12’s. So I started to get jacked up on 240s and away from Hondas (o yeah, when I got my truck I really wanted a Honda, but it was what the parents brought home for me) and trucks. I had a NEED…a NEED for…yeah never mind.

So I began the arduous (word of the day) task of locating a 240 chassis in Southeastern, NE.  I finally struck gold early 2003 in Crete, NE.  It was not a very clean 240 and it had a salvage title, but it was back up to spec.  So I didn’t end up doing much of anything to it, except replacing the head gasket. The Seller that sold it to me was obviously selling it for that reason (though he said nothing).  Turns out it was the timing chain, eating the timing cover.  So daily driving ensued.

This is a good point for me to say, all work was done by me, I have yet to take a car of mine to a shop for anything other than mounting tires and alignment.

Re-enter the time frame in July 2005.  I had left the University for Body School…grumble.  Anyway, so I start getting parts: DRFT Knock Kit, 30mm rear over fender, Wheels, Megan Coils, Cusco Strut Bars.  So I refinish the Red Baron(it is Inferno Red)  at body school and it turns out pretty good for my first car.  I refinished a lot of cars at school, mostly mustangs I hate to say.

I found another 240 nut in Omaha while picking up a Carbon Hood off him and we arranged for me to do the body work. I installed a S15 radiator support for the S15 front and then proceeded to paint this thing.  It turned out really good, then his hood flew open again (that’s the reason I painted it the first time) and I fixed that for the second time. Frustration to the max.

Fast forward again, I move to Michigan for six months, then move back to Nebraska in August 2007. I decide that winter I want to get the rust out of the “Red Baron” that I left in the Hat channels at school because I ran short of time.  So I gut the Pig and I mean clean: no wiring, no sound deadening, nothing.  Goal was fix rust, install cage, install SR. Sounds like a plan that will never happen…

I moved again, just across town, but the Red Baron is still in pieces because while moving I picked up Minty Fresh on the cheap.  Though it really isn’t all that cheap anymore…grumble.  I think my build blog on Minty showcases the quality of my build for the money.  If I had a larger budget I would have Rhino lined the underside, powder coated a lot of stuff, anodized things, different engine, different LSD, different suspension arms, so forth. Basically, I would have brought it up another level.  I am super happy with it the way it is though.

Things to look for from me in the future: Powder coating of small parts, Fiberglass products to be labeled under the Brickhouse name, a rebuild on my SR, followed shortly by my first drift event as a driver, and maybe some updates on my house remodel projects.