About: Steve

So, you have read Greg’s “about”.  My path on this car business sort of mirrors his.  With him being my big brother and all, I kind of followed in his footsteps.  Going back to the “beginning” would include the same information.  He had his truck, he got a wild hair to fix it up, and he did.  I watched.  haha.  We then got into 4×4’s – airbagging trucks were still cool – but luckily that plan never worked out.

My first truck was a 1987 Chevy S-10.  It ran.  Then when I was off to college in 2003, I sold it and got a 1993 Eclipse with the monster 1.8L.  That baby got 33 mpg’s.  I was a ricer.  I painted my cowl.  Yeah, I said it.  Anyway, it blew a headgasket, the cv joints were clunking, and the clutch was going out all around Christmas break my sophomore year.  With a little prompting from my dad, I set out on my first foray into major automotive repair.  Let me just say, it was cold that winter, I had three weeks to get it done and our shop was not was not heated.  A pulled engine, new timing belt, new headgasket, new driveshafts, a new clutch, and about a thousand other random gaskets later, the thing purred.  I drove it without a hitch for the next few years.

Greg had had his 240 for about a year now and I was starting to read more of the car magazines he was buying and paying attention to drifting and rwd cars.  I was set on getting a FC RX-7 or a zenki S14.  After saving my pennies and doing a lot of looking through classifieds, I found a zenki S14 about 2.5 hours away.  That was back in 2005 and I have had it ever since.  I will stop there for now since its story will be chronicled in the Hulk Smash build.

And for a nice conclusion to my gem of an Eclipse, I sold it to a buddy to help pay for my S14.  It was then promptly stuffed into another car by his jackass brother.  Sweet.

Anyway, I will be posting other stuff every now and then to help keep it varied.  I recently dug my bmx out of storage and have been thrashing around on it.  I threw some new parts on it, so I will put together a little build of it.  Expect more stuff along those lines as well.  We have been told we have too many hobbies, and I would agree.  Yes, the site’s focus will be on Brickhouse projects, but it will also encompass who we are and what we are interested in.

My plans for the Brickhouse related future:

  • Brickhouse Products stickers
  • Bodywork/Fiberglass How-to’s
  • A drifting event in Nebraska

Other important stuff you need to know about me:  I like to quote rap music, obsess over grammar and punctuation, have been known to eat a one pound bag of peanut M&M’s in 24 hours and with Greg’s help during a movie, love t-shirts, appreciate simple designs, laugh at smart humor (e.g. Mitch Hedberg), and do not believe in being stressed.