Minty Fresh: Bringing it Current

Ok, so I have been failing on keeping at least a weekly entry…sorry fellas and ladies. Alas, I fail you no longer!

Here is the Engine and Sus update that I alluded to last Minty post.  As most of you have probably figured out by the ignitor chip, I went Sr20det.  It has been the motor I have wanted since I bought my first 240. I didn’t get crazy on the build up of the engine, just necessities for now (water pump, oil strainer, thermostat, valve cover gaskets, etc), which you will find out was a good thing. Without further a due…

Sus-arms freshly painted sans poly bushing


75 percent done with poly work, my shatty vice got a good work out!


Sub frame love and my ranger saying, “hi”


S14 VLSD in S13 housing (not just the cover)


Rear Tanabe Sway in, also poly shims in sub-frame you can’t see (I will later be putting my sub-frame collars on top of the poly units for more stiffness)


Steering Rack bushings and Front Sub-frame clean-up


The day after my beast of burden showed up. Trans in the back ground as I was checking for leaks and damage.


I fullsized this image so that you can see the excessive cam wear.  It was due to the cam oiler tubes being clogged.  We later cleaned the tubes but it was too late.


Walbro set up and waiting to never see sunlight again.


Houston the Eagle has landed!


Intercooler fit up, Brake and Clutch MC’s back in, Powersteering and air cleaner on, Radiator in, Wiring Finished


So I apologize for the varying sizes of pictures, but some needed to be seen in more detail as there is a lot going on, and some didn’t have much going on so to save space on the site I reduced their size.  Thats really it for modifications at this time.  Minty has all the parts on (fenders, bumpers, interior, etc) and runs.  The interior is stock minus a knock-off Bride seat ( just looking for something that held better than stock), Pro-sport gauges in my center vent area, JAW wideband (love this thing), and Drift knob. As you guy/gals probably figured out from some of my comments, Minty’s engine has some issues.  After lots of testing and trail-and-error, I have narrowed it down to bad/stuck rings (most likely the rings are toast after seeing the head was having oiling issues and the pan had tons of carbon and gunk in it).  Compression readings are good but a Leak-down test showed: cylinder 1 @ 20 percent leak, cylinder 2 & 3 @ 45 percent leak, and cylinder 4 @ 75 percent leak.  It sounds as though it is coming from the dipstick tube.  Thus as written in “The Book of Rage”, it is the rings.

I will find or takes some pics of this soon-ish.  I am going to create another post in the About section with a Minty Mod list that I will keep current. Also, I will do a quick write-up on the Red Baron as promised and the White Comet (if the guy doesn’t mind).