Hulk Smash: Before the Gamma rays.

driver side door 1

I’ll take it.  What?!!?!  Hulk Smash begins.  After looking for many months, I got…um…lucky.  I came across this 1995 Nissan 240SX SE on Auto Trader and picked it up in Manhattan, Kansas, from a nice gent in a real hurry to get rid of it.  Here are some pre-purchase pics and the way it went down.

passenger side 1

rear exterior 2 1

The body was about as good as it looks in the picture – not terrible but not great.

passenger door 1

Sweet custom interior.  The driver side matched.  It also came with real deal Berber carpet.  Yeah, the stuff you have in your basement.

driver side engine 1

passenger side engine 1

The one redeeming factor appeared to be the GReddy turbo kit, and from what I was led to believe over the phone, it was silky smooth.

After driving the truck and trailer 2.5 hours to look at it, it was time for a test drive.  First impressions: interior is haggard, turbo install is haggard, body is rust free…JACKPOT!  Well, something like that anyway.  It met the basic requirements: zenki S14, five lug, manual, vlsd, “straight” body, and rust free was just icing on the cake.  Rust free is a rarity in this part of the country.

The negotiation went something like this.  He was offering the car with turbo kit for $4,200, and he had a GReddy Profec B Spec II boost controller, GReddy turbo timer, and SE lip for extra.  Knowing the it ran rough and he was looking to part with it, I offered him $3,200 for everthing.  He said, “No.”  We said, “Okay, bye.”  We stayed in town and grabbed some lunch.  Not fifteen minutes later, he called saying his wifey wanted it gone.  Thanks, wifey, whoever you are.


It got tucked away in our parents’ garage for the next couple weeks as we tried to de-crapify the turbo installation.  We put on a new GP Sports Exas Spec D cat-back, Megan downpipe, test pipe, a new IACV, and re-did a lot of the plumbing.  It was a temporary success and saw daily duty for a couple months before the fourth cylinder gave up the ghost.  The engine was pulled and a $100 complete engine/tranny/ecu KA swap was put in its place.


The turbo kit was retired, disassembled, packaged-up nicely, and sent to an excited buyer on Zilvia for $2,475.  I was now driving a $900 S14.  Not bad.