Hulk Smash: We can rebuild. We have the technology.


Good-bye, GReddy turbo kit.  Hello, cash moneys!!!  Selling the turbo kit put me in a spot of having a good chunk of change in my pocket and not a definite plan on what to do with it.  Prior to selling the kit, I had saved up some money and bought/installed some other neat stuff.


OG Stance coilovers and extra legit Peak Performance RUCA’s circa 2006.  Which made the car look like this…


…still ugly.  Just rolled it out of the garage – no alignment or adjustments yet.  This was good.  It made me happy.  The car felt nice.  Cool.


I did some some other stuff to not help the ugliness but improve overall quality.  At some point in 2005(?), Greg unknowingly did one of the smartest things he had ever done.  He bought a whole S14 shell for $325 that was mint minus some light front and rear damage.  He was just trying to buy the doors for me but ended up buying the whole car for $25 more.  As you can see, we put the donor S14 doors on Hulk Smash.  Its original doors were rusting at the bottom and had been spray painted a non-matching white on part of them.  These were rust and ding-free.  Also during this time and where the donor S14 came-in really handy, I swapped my nasty berber carpet and multicolored door panels for mint oem replacements.  Not to mention, we snagged the injector clips and stock MAF sensor from it when we put in my $100 engine.  Thank you, Greg!

So back to the then current situation, what to do with my car?  Which direction to take it.?  Buy an SR/RB that could potentially still need rebuilt?  Rebuild the KA and go through the long process of tracking down all the miscellaneous parts and getting machine work done?  I chose the latter.  Some days I regretted it, but I have always stuck to plan – 350-400hp KA-T.



A trip to the machine shop was in order.  These are after I got them back; crank and flywheel went too.  Pretty.


Parts were ordered…


… and more parts were ordered.


The block was beautified, and the intake manifold was stripped of unnecessary components.  Then, the engine went to the builder, and we got busy.



Ewwww…gross engine bay.  This is the hundred-dolla-make-you-holla engine.  Notice the green electrical tape by the injector clips and MAF sensor.


Let’s get this thing outta here.



Okay.  Greg was living in Michigan at this time and came back for a week.  What a swell guy helping out.




After a lot of degreaser and scrubbing, we were left with this.  That’s better.

More fun coming.