How to: Strippin’s easy…

Thought I would do a real quick “How to” today.  I am guessing some of you have wheels you would like to polish the lip on or maybe the whole wheel.  I am also guessing you have noticed it has a clear coating over the polished area.  How do you get that off without sanding and making more work for yourself?  Strip it!

Things to get:

Aircraft stripper – 1 qt

Cheap natural hair brushes – 2 or 3 @ about $1 each

2″ Aluminum tape – 2 rolls

Heavy duty 55 gal trash bags – one for each wheel and some under wheels

Heavy duty dish washing gloves

Garden hose, spray nozzle, and water

Well ventilated area (don’t do this inside you idiot)

So for a two piece wheel remove the center, for anything else, either strip the whole wheel or try to mask off the centers with aluminum tape.   Put half the wheel in the bag and tape around the barrel inside and out.  Here is a picture when I am in progress so you get an idea of masking and what it will look like when underway.


So once masked up, get a small container and pour some stripper in it.  Grab your a brush and get ready to put stripper on.  One VERY important note is: brush your the stripper on in one direction.  If you go back and forth the stripper will dry out and not work.  Leave the stripper on for a  little bit til the clear coat wrinkles up, scrap off the clear coat and reapply stripper til all clear is gone.  Rinse with hose when done. Unmask.  Now, Go Polish!