Hulk Smash: No longer a Tin Man.


With the engine out, I wanted to clean up the bay before putting the rebuilt engine in.  It’d be like taking a shower then putting on dirty drawers; you just don’t do it.  So, it was washed and degreased…


…masked and primed…




…and finally painted glossy black.  It’s just rattle canned.  Looks decent enough for the cost.  Greg is the painter and has all the gear not me.  He was living in Michigan at the time, so I made do.  Notice, I still have A/C here.


Got the engine back and started putting accessories on it.  It wants to go home.

100_0799_0001So close but still a few things to be done before installing.


Like install the clutch.


Put on the Peak mounts.  They may be overkill, but damn they are solid.


And address a stripped oil pan bolt hole.  Re-tapped, painted the pan, and had the oil drain plug welded on (other side).


Peeped the goods while I had it open.  All there!  So pretty.  It’s a shame to cover it all up.


Yay!!!!!  Let me tell you, though.  Installing a engine and trans all by yourself is not fun.  I finally got it all to line up after using a jack under the trans while adjusting the hoist on the way in.  I must have crawled under the car and got up at least a thousand times.


Got it reassembled and looking like an engine again.  Still a few parts missing here but the main stuff is there.  I removed the timing guides and prettied the valve cover and timing cover while I had it off.  I also removed all the EGR stuff and unnecessary items from the intake manifold, painted it, and tucked the wire harness when I installed it.  At the time, I used some plastic loom for the wires, but I would like to do a full tuck this winter, relocate the fuse box, and re-route the wiring.  The main goal was accomplished – get the car wired and in a running state.

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