Event: Big Wings and Beautiful Women…sans women

The SCCA Finals have come and gone for this year, but there are a few pictures I took that I felt were worth sharing…

BIG WINGS Unite!!!

Everyone and their brother was hunting for that extra bit of downforce, though the more ghetto the set up the better…

This was my favorite of the day, strictly based on the amount of fun they had with it.


Most of you twoforty-afiles should recognize this car.  This year he is running a new engine out of an old 240sxmotoring car.


This car is from the Jayhawks engineering department, where was this program hiding when I was looking at going to school.


Nice, clean FD. Unfortunately, he already changed to the trailer wheels.  CCW Classics in the background FTW.


You know da’ Ferrari?!? – Heard this guy did not do so hot, but I am guessing he doesn’t care.  Would you?


Ok, the wing is pretty small, but this Mini was hard to the core.  Look for a small write up and pictures in the next couple days.  I wish I could have met the owner, and gotten the hood popped and some specifics.


Last but not least, for all of you that remember Fatlace and Hella Flush… the new must have sticker of  ’09.