Event: Save the Ta-Tas


This was by far the coolest car of the SCCA Finals, for its good looks of course. (insert sarcasm cue here)  This car was built for one purpose – to shave every second off the clock possible.  The polished feel of a show car is entirely absent, and is replaced with a deep race vibe.  There is no fancy gauge cluster, just the essentials, oil, temp, voltage, tach.  Who needs windows?  Just the front according to the rules(even it was made of lexan).  The rear suspension was held partially together with duct tape, but it still looked solid.  All the rear trailing arms are so thin they almost look flimsy, all of which attach back to the cage.

The exterior followed suit to the interior with nothing superfluous and all things geared to speed.  The front lip spoiler extends about 6 inches in front of the car, which then gave way to a vertical front that must have the aerodynamics of a brick.  The custom roof wing is aluminum scrap, probably left overs from the rad as hell rear diffuser.  Wheel over fenders leave a little to be desired but if they work, who cares? All panels to the car are riveted on meaning you must have a certain athleticism to “Dukes of Hazzard” into this things 9×13 sized windows.

This is not a diamond in the rough, this is a rough diamond.  Built for function over aesthetics.  Like it or hate, it is a work of art.