Event: 2009 SCCA Nationals @ Lincoln AirPark


Lincoln, Nebaska, played host to the 2009 SCCA Solo Nationals after out bidding Heartland Motorsports Park in Topeka, Kansas.  There is probably more to the deal than that. All I know is that it was there, and now, it is here.  Yay!  With it being held in our hometown, it would be silly for us to miss it.  So, I met Greg at AirPark after work, and we caught the end of the days action.  We watched a few runs then headed to the pits to take a closer look at the cars.  Here are a few of my favorites from the day:


This Bimmer was rad.  Here it is getting looked over while cooling down between runs.  The CCW Classics are peeking out the fenders and can be seen better in the opening picture.  One thing is for sure, CCW must be the official wheel of the SCCA.


A shot down the crazy Evo seen at the top.  This thing looked like it would be more at home at Redline Time Attack than SCCA Solo.  Bonkers.


Beautifully simple RX-8 on Wedsports.  They say these cars were built for autocross.  I say it is pretty.


This is probably my favorite shot of the day.  Lotus’ are legit, but with that color makes it says “I party”.


Look at the width of the rear wheels.  Oh, weird.  CCW’s.


A little vintage gangster funk.  A well prepared old school VW Rabbit(?).


Super super crisp roll/pull on the fenders with inches of racing slick poking out.  I am not well versed in autocross setups, but this seems to be the norm.  Two inches of wheel gap and about two inches of wheel/tire extending outside the fenders.  Super functional.


This EF hatch could have won a car show.  Simple.  Clean.


Not to be outdone, this CRX was giving it a run for its money in the best OEM race Honda category.  Dig the mini Volks.


Can’t go wrong with an E30 BMW.  The Buddy Club P1’s look period correct too.  I like the stock body with nice wheels approach to SCCA.  DSC00807

They are not CCW’s, but I definitely approve.  It was for an Evo and on the trailer was a full set of Work Meister S1’s.  Way to keep it JDM, homie.


Everything about this Subie is right. Bug-eye – check.  Stance – check.  Wheels – check (yes, they are Rotas, but they look oh-so good).


Last but not least, we came across AceInTheHole’s 240.  I remembered his car from forums and reading his write-up on making the rear over fenders.  It was crazy to see it in person.  It is definitely wide in the rear.


Greg mentioned in his post that this engine is out of an old 240sxmotoring car.  It is a peculiar setup.  LSX coils with a stock SR bov.  I am not knocking its efficacy.  It is just slightly comical.

That does it for SCCA Nationals coverage.  I had some other cool shots, but if you’ll notice all the images are in landscape.  For some reason, everything I shot in portrait rotated when I loaded it into WordPress.  Consider this the abridged version. Haha.