Hulk Smash: Coccoon to Butterfly


Paint! Well, almost all there. Fresh out of the garage.



A couple more. This was the most sunlight I saw it in before storing it for the winter. 90% of the body was painted; then winter hit, and it quickly became to cold to paint. The remaining parts were put on hold until spring. Talk about anticipation!




Spring finally came and so did the sun! Here are a few shots of trying to catch the light. It was a really clear early spring day. That is when the above pictures were taken – early spring 2009. Hey, wait a second, we are now in 2009! Yay! I am getting closer to bringing Hulk Smash to current status.


You can see I spent some time reassembling a few things and making it road worthy…well…drivable. It is sad to say that at this point the front and rear bumper covers, door handles, and gas door had not been painted yet. I put the front and rear bumper covers on it to make it driveable and take up less storage space. Obviously, the rear quarter glass is still out, and less obviously, there is a good amount of weatherstripping that still needs to be put back on.


As a nice Christmas surprise, Greg painted my wheels white as I had been wanting to do them. This was the first time with them on the car after getting the tires mounted. Yes, he used the most absolutely cocaine white he could find. It is white white and bright bright.



The final product! Ignoring the ride height and the missing front lip, the exterior is complete…for now…well, we’ll just say it matches how it sits now. I foresee some color changes coming in the future but more on that when it happens.

Now to address the color, I knew I wanted green – not forest green, blue green, neon green – just green green. I think I succeeded. Its pretty dark but its not foresty or blue-ish. It is a pretty true green. I am happy with it as it really comes alive in the sun. There is a lot of gold pearl in it so it has kind of a gold tinge to it when it catches the light. In all honesty, I haven’t spent enough time with it clean and in the sunlight to be able to fully appreciate it. For a cold 100% garage paintjob, it turned out great! I couldn’t be happier.

The color choice also helped give it its name – Hulk Smash. Obviously, it is green but The Hulk was also insanely muscle bound. I am not saying I have the most crazy KA ever, but it is no slouch and a far cry from the cheapo t25 setups. Look for updates on the car’s “muscle” in the near future. Also, hands down, The Hulk was and has always been my favorite super hero (if you can call him that).