Hulk Smash: Pipe dreams.

I mocked up the intercooler and got it fitted in the core support area. However, I managed to take some absolute crap quality pictures of most of what was involved in getting it to fit. So instead, let’s look at the piping fabrication. The pic above was our starting point.

The intercooler fitted in place. There are two brackets on the bottom and two bolts that mount it to the core support at the top. It just required a bit of trimming here and there, but the radiator and headlights mount just like oem. You can see the area that was trimmed for the 90 degree couplers.

Hot side. 2.5″ piping.

Cold side mocked in place. Again, 2.5″ piping.

Intake pipe with recirculation inlet.

Overall. The hot side routes down and then up so its not really visible. The BOV mounts on the hotside and dumps directly into the intake. Due to the upward angle of the throttle body, the cold pipe routes down and then up around the radiator hose. Now, moving onto the exhaust side.

Wastegate and its cute little dumptube. 1.5″ piping. Moving on to the downpipe.

The downpipe with extra length for a cat-delete. It had to be welded as it sits under the car. Without a lift, it is kind of “stuck” in the car due to its length. Haha.

A quick coat of heat-temp black. Wideband bung and support bracket welded in place. The support bracket was modified from the oem bracket and mounts to a rubber bushing on the transmission crossmember.

And the best part of all, the clearance! Here it is mounted in place. You can barely see it! 3″ downpipe tucked in the frame rail. It doesn’t get any better than that!

More updates coming! Interior, electronics, brakes, etc.