Hulk Smash: Creature Comforts.

With the car painted and the weather cold, it was time to reassemble the interior with some of the bits and pieces I had accumulated. This was February-ish 2009. A good job to do in a cold garage. Anyway, you can see it was an absolute mess. I put the S14 driver seat in my S13 but had something to replace it.

Knock Bride Low Max with real Bride LH rails.

Installing the hub. A bit more of a pain than I expected but not much to it. ArmorAll’ed and vacuumed. A vast improvement.

HKB hub, NRG ver. 2.5 Quick Release, Nardi Classic, Parts Shop Max Drift Knob, Nismo Shift Knob, ATI gauge pod, STRi Oil Pressure Gauge, and my little buddy, Hello Kitty.

Cool shot.

Hello Kitty. Meow.

Door panels and rear interior has also been put in. More goodies have been and will be installed.