Shop Visit: AMS and Touge Factory circa ’07

As I was looking through my pics, I found some pictures from our trip to Chicago a few years ago. While we were there, we visited AMS and Touge Factory. I thought it would be fun to share.

At the time, AMS was just getting into the KA with I picked up some parts, and then we took some pics of the cars in their lot. You can see the old AMS drag car above. You can tell these are from a few years ago (spring 2007) based on the cars, and AMS was still in their old shop. Anyway, more pics and more cars…

So cute on pizza cutters.

This yellow Evo looked pretty insane. Never saw what came of it. It looked to be a high budget build. And, what are the odds that that white Evo is Martin’s personal car that just won the Castrol Top Car Challenge?!?! Not like white Evo’s are rare but cool thought nonetheless.

Galant VR-4, baby…and the rest of the 4G63 line-up.

Clean Kouki S14 out front. Which is a nice segue to our Touge Factory adventure…

This car had it all – wheel fitment, stance, Brides, clean kit and paint. Remember this was early 2007; VS-KF’s hadn’t blown up yet. We didn’t really appreciate the amazingness before us at the time. Also, check out all the kits on the shelves. Origin/Version Select warehouse. On to the other cars parked in the warehouse. Touge Factory wasn’t a “shop” at the time. These were just employees’ and friends’ cars parked in the warehouse for storage and a place to work.

This S13 was pretty legit too. It was getting some wiring done at the time. I think it was sold or for sale recently.

This hatch used to be S15 fronted but was being converted back so he could go lower. Now, that’s the right way of thinking. And yes, those are real deal Karotype mats. Again, before they be came the JDM tyte object of the week.

How about a quick look at the showroom?

Kazuya “Chunky” Bai’s kit, like actually off his car in Japan.

Peep the wares. They had a bunch of cool stuff and a bunch of cool dudes working there. I got my Stance coilover rebuilt while we waited, and we picked up a few more odds and ends.

That’s it for now. I went back to Touge Factory earlier this year and snapped few pics. I’ll post those…eventually. Haha.

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  • erik williams

    I appreciate your teams love of the S chassis. I just found your site from I believe your site will become a very inspriring to draw motivation from for my 90′ 240SX HB/5spd i traded an AR15 for. It is my second 240SX. anyway thank you and keep it up.