Brickhouse Products: Powder Coating Now Available!!!

Brickhouse Products is now offering POWDER COATING!!! Why powder coating? First and foremost, it is much more durable and affordable than paint. For our own projects, we have the resources to professionally paint small objects but choose to powder coat them. For your money, you cannot get a better and stronger finish. And, the colors and finishes are almost endless. Want a red wrinkle valve cover? No problem. Candy purple suspension links? Sure. Neon yellow wheels? Absolutely.

If it’s metal and will fit in your home oven, we can probably coat it. Need some ideas? Here is a short list of pieces that are excellent candidates for powder coating: valve covers, intercooler piping, wheels, suspension arms, reservoirs, manifolds, etc. Get creative and we’ll let you know if it’s possible. Send your inquiries to

Enough jibber-jabber, here are some pictures of our work in a before and after format. All pieces were media blasted and cleaned prior to coating.

1) RevHard manifold.
Before, high temp spray paint flaking badly:

During, freshly blasted:

After, coated in high temp black:

2) S13 SR Fuel Rail.
Before/During, blasting away grit and grime:

After, coated in “wet” black:

3) S13 Power Steering Reservoir.
Before, standard tarnish and grime:

After, coated in the same “wet” black as the fuel rail:

4) Hulk Smash Intake Piping.
Before, raw finish with a bit of surface rust:

After, again “wet” black:

More examples/projects are in the works. Let us know what we can do you!