Minty Fresh: Moving Backwards to go Forward

It has been sometime since my last entry into The Book of Rage…o wait, that’s Johnny Quest. So it has been awhile, and not much has change as far as my car is concerned. It still has all the awesome I threw at it, and I still have all the crap it threw at me. My SR is pretty well junk until it can be rebuilt. So, what to do, what to do…

This will be the point most people will give up on me and my build, but I would like to assure you to hang in there and all will be right someday.

My brother and I have been tossing around plans on what we should do to get my car to drift status by the first KCDA event. First, we considered rebuilding the SR. Assuming all it needed were rings that would be a fast fix, but it would have been half-assed. We don’t do things half way here at the Brickhouse camp so that was out. Then came the back up plan. I am so, so sorry everyone…

The suggestion was made to use the SOHC that came out of my other car. GRRRR. I was very reluctant to say the least…at first. Then, I started thinking, “Yes, I am moving backwards in the engine department, but if I can drive Minty Fresh, I can get the drifting experience I lack entirely.” So which way is backward and which is forward? I would say it is a wash. I am just excited to drive my car hard and push myself on the track.

The SR build will continue behind the scenes for a while as I collect parts and get machine work done. I just hope my SOHC can make it that long…good thing I have two!!!

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