Hulk Smash: Randomize.

Update. Up to date. Bunch of small stuff going on. The engine bay looked all awesome – as shown in the above pic – after powder coating the pipes and installing the DEI Titanium turbo blanket/wrap…but, it was not to last. I prepped it for start up, started it, and my same mystery condition resurfaced. The car was going lean at idle. As it warmed up, the idle would creep toward 17 AFR on my AEM UEGO and eventually go to high to even read. Awesome.

Prior to starting it, I had boost leak tested it, and sealed up what I found. That obviously didn’t work. Brainstorming other possibilities, I became suspect of the PCV ports in the intake manifold which I had put rubber vacuum caps on ~2 years ago when I originally took it apart. At the time, I didn’t think it was the best way but figured it would “work”. For my piece of mind (and hopefully to solve the problem), I am sealing the ports more permanently. Now, the once pretty bay, is looking like this:

The original rubber PCV caps were looking a bit haggard, like this:

In their defense, they have what appears to be a silicone liner which seemed to be intact after slicing one open. So, maybe they were okay? Oh well, piece of mind, right? I plugged the holes with steel allen headed plugs after removing the stock ports. More on that in another post as I really got carried away with the intake manifold.

With the intake off, I figured it was time to finally install some parts I had been collecting, upgrade some others, and just spend a lot of money in general. What was a simple plan quickly snowballed. Firstly, an oil cooler setup – Skullworks oil housing adapter, Earl’s -10AN Ano-tuff fittings, Earl’s Pro-lite hose, Earl’s billet oil filter block:

Some things that I have been collecting – TurboXS Knocklite, YASHIO Factory Okachan Water Temperature Gauge with Parts Shop Max hose adapter, and STRi Auto Timer – will be going on:

I am really stoked to get the Yashio Fatory gauge hooked up. That is one piece of JDM goodness that I have been wanting for years! I also picked up some general maintenance items that I hadn’t changed yet – (left to right) distributor cap and rotor, tap and plugs for the PCV ports, O2 sensor, coolant temperature sensor, and intake manifold gaskets:

I bought a new “S14 Aluminum Radiator” off eBay. Can you spot the not? Yep, surprise! It’s for an S13. Damn it. It turns out they don’t actually make an S14 KA application, and the supplier gave them the wrong application information. The seller gave me a partial refund which made it stupid cheap. I will make some brackets, and it will work.

Finally got around to installing my Z32 brakes with a 1″ master cylinder. 26mm’s not 30mm’s. Stock rears. Hawk HPS pads and new stock rotors all around. Cleaned, painted, and rebuilt the calipers. I’ll be powder coating them gold (I think).

Rotor size comparison. Nothing new but impressive difference. Minty Fresh is looking so cute.

1″ BMC with lines re-routed.

Finally, Greg and I installed 15mm wheel spacers and Peak Performance extended studs which have the wheels fitting like this:

That’s all for now!!!!