How to: Throttle Body Rebuild / Assembly / Disassembly

For anyone at a loss on how to disassemble their throttle body, I put together a “how to” when took mine apart. This was for a stock S14 DOHC KA throttle body, but the steps should more or less apply to any throttle body of similar design – Q45, Z32, SR, SOHC KA, RB, etc.

I was surprised as the process turned out to be much easier than expected. It just required a little organization and attention. You can see the finished product above. The throttle body was disassembled, then the housing was bead blasted and powder coated with high gloss clear. The pulleys were covered in wet black.

The full write-ups can be found on and (click on either site for hyperlinks to the write ups). If you are not a member of either, then now would be a good time to join.

4 replies on “How to: Throttle Body Rebuild / Assembly / Disassembly

  • nick

    hi, i was wondering how you took off the throttle body sensor without breaking it? i found there is a snap ring on the inside and how are you suppose to take it off without breaking the plastic outside?

  • Brickhouse Products

    It seems like you are talking about the Throttle Position Sensor which I showed in write-up if you followed the links. It is only held on by the two set screws and has a D shaped opening that fits on the shaft in one orientation. That’s it for that. The black housing doesn’t need to be opened up. Is there another sensor you’re referring to? I’ll try to shed some more light if you give me more specifics.