Hulk Smash: 1 of 2

It seems backwards to show the teaser pic and then write the update, but oh well. Shortly after receiving my S14 kouki skirts and wheels, I did a little mock-up. I love it! Sure it is absolutely nothing new, but, man, I can’t get enough of it. It looks so tough. But, that is really just the beginning of what Hulky-baby has been getting done to him.

I removed the sound deadening.

Then after my Setrab oil cooler arrived, I made up some brackets and powdercoated the black. (Nevermind the jagged cut at the top of the big one. You can’t see it when mounted)

Got it mounted, then ran all the lines. It was much easier and quicker than I expected. I spent more time thinking about how I wanted to run them than actually assembling the lines.

Absolute crap picture, but you can kind of see the trimming that was necessary on the -10AN o-ring fittings that go into the Skullworks oil block (shining silver part). I used a file to grind them down and tried to keep them flat enough to be able to get a wrench on them. Mission accomplished. A small job that took a lot of time. You’ll also notice the 45 degree elbow coming out of the block. You’ll need one of these for the side ports so it doesn’t come in contact with the mounting bolts. The center port fits a-okay.

Having that all done allowed me reassemble my engine bay. New notable items include: PSM water temp hose adapter, black silicone radiator hoses (damn OBX for stamping them with their brand), aluminum S13 radiator, and powder coated intake manifold. I had to make some mounting brackets for the radiator since S13 and S14 are different. I powder coated them black to match. The intake manifold is just sandblasted and clear coated. It looks awesome and is incredibly shiny.

Another pic of the intake before assembling it. I coated all the hardlines in black after removing the unnecessary ones.

With the engine back together, I coerced Greg into welding me up a power brace (actually, he is just a great big brother and did it without any griping). We had some pristine tension rod brackets off the parts car, some pipe, and some flat metal. So, put it all together, and what do you get?

A Brickhouse Powerbrace. Totally awesome. Gusseted and boxed. To complete the front suspension upgrade, I bought a set of Peak Performance tension rods from Greg and picked up Energy Suspension front sway bar bushings. Peak parts are incredibly beefy! Great, quality parts.

The sway bar isn’t installed in the pics since the bushings had not arrived yet. They are in there now.

I then proceeded to lower the fronts to the point of no threads showing between the collars. I also go the front Z brakes on. Damn surface rust! It has been lowered about 2.75 inches in the front since I started this build.

And without forgetting about the rear, I installed some Intense Power toe and traction rods (basically eBay links) and lowered it about 2.5 inches from where is sat before.

Finally for Part 1, the wheel pics. I had to snap a nice factory finish picture.

Again, Greg came through HUGE and sprayed these for me! The color is House of Kolors Kandy (Candy?) Purple. It has a lot of reddish pink tinge to it, but it is just spectacular in the light! No flash:


End Part 1 of 2.

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