Minty Fresh: Working Stuff Out

How far it has come, but still working toward full circle.

I have done a few things since the last time I had a major post. I decided to sell my red 240 that I built back in college. It was a tough decision but I had my son on the way and decided the room it was taking up in the house and the money I could get from it would all be put to better use.

I was going to install the red 240’s engine into Minty Fresh, but with Red’s selling it put an end to that. I have done what I can to run down issue in Minty Fresh that would cause it’s odd running behavior. It was told to me that the coolant temperature sensor that feeds the ECU can go bad and cause running behavior like my car was experiencing. I did so and it ran better, but still messed up.

At this point I was like f-it, I bought every sort of engine cleaner I could and ran it through the engine. Most said don’t use on turbo engines but a couple made no listing of it. Gunk and Lucas both had “safe” products. My brother worked at a quick lube in college and he said they would run BG cleaners through turbo Jetta’s all the time for 15 min with no ill affects. My engine is much cleaner under the valve cover and most of the thicker sludge is now loose and moving towards the oil pan. Got to love old ass Jap engines. 🙂 Engine ran better but still messed up.

Over the passed few months I was working at Speedway Motors for extra cash to pay stuff off before Grant got here. Well once I got everything paid off, I decided I could get a few things with my Speedway discount. So I purchase AN fittings, line, and an oil cooler. I got Black Simpson harnesses for both front occupants. I purchased a flat-black RCI Helmet which made the May 8th event, and promptly got dropped by my Step-dad. I heard it wanted to get broke in…lol.

We then said maybe the wastegate is jacked up, so we pulled that and replaced it with an HKS unit. The wastegate was also needed for Mine’s Up-boost ECU we traded some work for. I found the HKS unit to work fine but install was a pain. The end that hooks to the wastegate was tweaked and needed flattened or else it would bind.

I have never been a huge fan of the stock intake and due to my BOV placement I used a corrugated radiator hose to make it fit back to the intake. So I made a hard intake and everything fit tighter and better. Turned out pretty good if I may say so.

It is a dark picture but you can see the corrugated BOV hose, back of the MAF sensor, “T” Hose, and the legit crinkle black finish.

I purchased a new steering wheel and hub about this time. I felt like I needed to do something I couldn’t mess up and would be an easy upgrade. hahahahahahhahaha, Why must I always be so naive. I will have more on that next time as it may save some of you a headache.

My most recent thought is maybe the TPS is jacked. I find that I can drive it at about 10 percent throttle basically before boost starts, essentially it works ok as a naturally aspirated engine. The second boost starts it bogs horribly. I can fully depress the throttle and it will do no better than 45mph at 4 grand in 4th gear. If anyone has any thoughts please submit a comment.