Hulk Smash: 2 of 2.

Damn, where did a month go? I didn’t intend for it to take a month to finish this post. Let’s see…I don’t think there was a whole lot left. Just a few things to wrap it up. About the worst pics ever, but I never stopped to take some good ones so we’ll just go with it. Above, an glimpse of the cockpit.

An overview of the gauges and meters.

I managed to tuck everything in the center console area. I didn’t want to have a bunch of gauges hanging all over the dash and A pillar. Just a clean simple look and a nice reference for the engine’s vital signs – water temp, knocklite, wideband, and auto timer. They are awesome! I cannot adequately express the greatness of the Yashio water temp gauge. It has big bold easy on the eyes digital numbers so you can see the temp in a split second glance. No trying to read a small gauge arm. Also, it adds a sweet JDM bling factor.

To finish it off, I put the two most important gauges on the column – boost and oil pressure. The wideband and knocklite would be nice to have up there, but it serves more as a reference after the initial tuning.

To hold me in place and add some color, I bought this amazingly purple Crow five point harness. Also, I installed a harness bar to make it work. The seat and rail are the same as before – Bride Low Max rail and Bride coughknockoffcough Vios Low Max seat. (The faded washed out color is due to the sun light.)

That’s that. More exciting stuff to come.