Brickhouse Abroad

As some are aware, I am on an extended trip backpacking the world. I am sitting in Prague as I write this and have finally had an oppotunity to upload some pics to the site. Obviously, I am taking in all the sights and sounds, but I am still a car guy and certain cars stand out. To still be a contributing half in the Brickhouse blog and get some varied content posted, I have decided to snap outstanding, unique (non-U.S. model), or random observations of car life abroad.

To start off, I will keep it pretty tame. This R33 is one of the first notable models I came across tucked in a row of cars on a side street in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The wheels are weak, the hood and trunk are not carbon fiber, and it appears to be a GTS model. Quite strangely, it appears to be widebody in the rear. They are molded quite nicely, and there is a decent amount of flair. I noticed this as I passed the car later without my camera so I do not have any profile pics. Sure, it has a few misguided modifications, but it is the only R33 I saw while in Russia.

Feels good to be posting again. More to come.