Minty Smash: The Best of Two into ONE! (Part 1 of a Few)

So here I am, first event down, looking towards next year. More on the first event later. Lets get everyone up to speed about what has gone on the last couple months. It has been a whirl wind!

May 17th was my last post and I was diagnosing the SR, and had it narrowed down to the tps. I was 80 percent sure it was the culprit and just needed to get out and troubleshoot. My brother is moving out around Mid-June and has started to part out his car for his world travel/adventure. Then comes the light bulb(clicking noise): bro has baller engine, I have baller car, 2+2 =4. F*ck, why didn’t that hit me sooner. So the offer is proposed to all parties involved, all parties accept. Heart transplant once more(I dislike pulling an engine, and now I have two to do).

The day prior to pulling the SR I do the voltage checks on the TPS and do discover it is the problem. I am able to take videos of the SR running, TPS voltage, and compression for resale. It was exciting and sad at the same time as I was never really able to feel the JDM love of the SR. Eh(shoulder shrug). Here I come: 2.4L, fully fordged, 280hps of pissed-off raging fury!

Lets get down to pictures:
My car looking super hungry!

Hulk Smash saying good-bye to his muscles.

A new species of bad-assery is found: Mulk Frash.

Steven’s car is now trailered back to my parents place and I proceed to use 7 mil plastic and tape to encase it like a polish dog. It will sit like this ’til it’s master’s triumphant return from J-land. At which time, equipped with full JDM knowledge he will proceed to build a car that will decimate all who oppose him! (insert sinister laugh)

Things stall a little here since I do have a new born and my wife needs assistance, but I am able to start sourcing parts and selling others. So things are moving in the background: the paper suffling, typing and clicking are all that get done for a bit.

I lied. Also started making a harness adapter from the 95 engine harness to the 89 chassis harness. I learned enough about these two engine wirings to where I am confident to move my relay boxes in cabin in the future and mil plug the firewall. As it sits now I have loads of ugly wiring harness routed over my strut towers, at least they are safe.

Picture time again:
The rats next! Nothing a kick panel can’t cover.

Pulled half of this plug off a 95 junker I have. That car has helped build multiple cars now.

Wiring passing through firewall.

Around the strut tower.

And to the chassis plug which I happened to have had junk SOHC engine harness laying around for plugs.

Not pictured is the transmission harness conversion I had to splice threes plugs and two grounds. It came out pretty good. It however is not reversible and I will require an different trans harness or splice S13 plugs into this harness, if I have to use an S13 trans.

As you can see my wiring is completely reversible, since I made the jumper harness. The car started the first time without an issue. That was a proud moment.