Minty Smash: The Best of Two into ONE! (Part 2 of a Few)

I last ended with the wiring being done, and a long way to go. I still had to install: intercooler, oil cooler, radiator, AEM truboost controller/gauge, interior, hood, hood pins, most of the front end, kill wheel death lips.

I decided to mirror my brother’s setup of a mid mount intercooler. Doing this will save the intercooler(IC) in a minor collision, and it shortens piping to approximately 1.5 feet per side. Both reason were enough for me to take on the headache. Oh boy was it a headache. If I had an s13/14/15 front end with fixed position headlights things could have gone much faster, but I chose to retain the 180 front. The largest obstacle was the headlight motors which just clear the 90 degree couplers coming off the IC. Not to be out done in difficulty, the headlight brackets had to have enough cut out them to clear but not too much to weaken them.

I ended up mounting the IC as close to the radiator and as high as possible, which allowed me to clear the headlight motors, and routed my wiring harness under the IC.

Picture time:
Wiring under IC, trimmed HL motor supports

Radiator support trimmed with coupler

Cut out of HL and Rad support from front

HL and Rad support from in bay looking forward.

In bay looking forward with coupler in place

Clearance between HL motor and coupler

So what is an IC without piping? It is a little out of the order that progress took but it is the next logical thing to cover.

Piping actually went fairly smooth, and took relatively no time compared to mounting the IC. There is a total of four couplers, which makes boost leak testing a breeze. I chose to recirculate the BOV since engine management is handled by Nistune. The BOV was placed on the correct(cold) side of the IC system, so I had to make a long pipe to run from cold side to the intake side. I realized later I could have used my pipe bender and made a prettier pipe but I wasn’t thinking that day…hind sight is always 20/20. The bov crossover is actually much more level when fully install with clamps. The intake 45 chunk was some scrap that worked out really good. Powdercoating will happen and is in future snaps.

Pictures again:

Intake with BOV recirculation. Hotside pipe.

Anyone want some pie? haha. I wanted to be all JDM and pie cut this piece.

Gnarly BOV crossover. Not pretty but effective.

Fun weld close-up.

That wraps up intercooler and piping. I love welding and working with metal. Probably my favorite aspect of fabrication and it is truly you making something fully your own, from your own ideas.