Minty Smash: The Best of Two into ONE! (Part 4 of a Few)

I feel like there are two more parts to this series. One showing right before the event and one following the event with my review of how Minty Smash did.

So just prior to the event this is how Minty Smash was looking:

KA-T – check,
Gauges – check,
Interior – check,
Wiring – check,
Wheels – check,
Tires – check,
Everything else I am forgetting to mention or small things not worth mentioning – check,

Picture time:
Engine bay:

Relocated driver’s side wiring:

Brake heat shielding:

Wiring rat’s nest:

Oil cooler mount, Hood latch removed:

Mini bash bar:

Brickhouse represented*word*:

You all have seen the exterior or Minty a few times but here is one more:

Pretty much just pictures this time as it serves more for documentation. Next entry will be sideways followed by a switchback to spin-out…waaaaaiit…wrong type of entry. Look for an Event/Review entry as they really go hand-in-hand.