Randomness: Exactly.

I wish the purple rims would have been around longer. 🙁

As most of you know by now Steve has been in Japan for 4 weeks now, which to me seems like much longer.  We have been keeping a good line of communication open and Japan sounds like a really cool place, with cool people, and an interesting culture.  I want to save the details for Steve to post which will be coming once he gets his internet set up at his new apartment.  And if you thought the S14 he built was nice, just wait…

I have been kicking it here with my son who just so happens to be the cutest kid ever. haha.  No really he is (glaring face for people who would dream of disagreeing).  I have not done anything to Minty though it has been eating at me.  I have been driving Minty to work here and there which has been fun though I have noticed a drawback…2hundredand80 ft/lb of torque is starting to feel slower. This sucks as I have no plans to boost power until I can sort the issues which will probably take the little free time/money I have.

A local friend here in Lincoln has been working on getting his high comp NA KA up and running.  I talked to him today and he said he has been working on some other peoples cars, one of his 370cc sr injectors took a sh*t, and he needs to re-wire his blaster coil.  Hopefully, it will be up and running in the next couple of weeks and I will get some pictures of it.

Recently purchased an HD video camera so look for some videos to pop up on here.  They will be pretty basic as I don’t have any editing software.

I have been feeling really really uncreative lately as I haven’t had any fabrication work or problems to solve on my car.  So, I have been thinking about working on some stickers for my car since I can stay clean while doing it and be within ear shot of my son.  Any ideas are welcome, even bad ones as they could lead to a brainstorm…or at least a brain shower…lol, my jokes should not be allowed sometime.

Started hashing out something rough plans for the next build…ahhh, so bored…especially since I won’t start on it for a good while.

Chalk up another update, until next time.

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