Magilla Gorilla: The Paper Chaser (part 1 of 2)

In buying this particular Chaser, I accomplished what I set out to do – buy a Tourer V model with a limited slip differential and manual transmission. From there, everything else was just icing on the cake. When buying someone’s project, you begin where they left off. For me, this is where it begins, and from here, the rest is up to me. This is my Chaser on paper…er…computer screen:

Stock 1JZ-GTE with stock CT15B turbo
R154 transmission
Koyo radiator
GReddy/Trust hardpipe radiator “hose”
KTS engine dampener
ORC clutch (that’s what I was told anyway)
TRD 2way diff (again, that’s what I’m told)

GAB coilovers (one or two blown)
No-name front strut tower bar (no name but looks pretty)
Project mu brake pads (stops wicked fast)
Beatrush skid plate

Aftermarket front bumper (kind of looks like dick but will do for now)
Tourer V package sideskirts and rear Lip
Origin 30mm front fenders (would like to find some stockers)
HID headlights with smoked lenses (look like dick and leak water)
Smoked corner lights (look like dick)
LED taillights (these are fucking boss)
Volk Racing CV-Pro Wheels – front = 17×8.5 +38; rear = 17×9.5 +38
Yokohama Tires – front = 245/40; rear = 275/40 (f’ing huge)
Rolled lip on rear
Painted a custom shade of blue (wish it was OEM paint)

Stock seats, wheel, knob, button
Car Mate/Broadway rear view mirror (love it)
Eonon in-dash DVD player w/flip out screen (pretty baller)

More pics:

Straight six sounds sooooo good.

Hard parking dori dori.

I have lots of ideas for it so in Part 2 I’ll post up my “plan”.

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