Timeout: Garage Refurb

The Mess

There comes a time when you have to stop hanging out with school girls and elevate your game. In this case, now that Smash and Minty are no longer occupants of my garage, I am able to start renovations to improve the overall condition of it. It will mean warmer winters and cooler summers as I will be insulating the walls and soon to be attic. The rafters will be closed off via plywood to improve temperature regulation in the garage.

The lower ceiling will help with painting as air flow will improve. The air compressor will also have its’ own room and I will have a vestibule so I can enter/exit while painting and not disturb the air thus eliminating some dirt. I will be running 50+ feet of copper tubing to cool the air coming from the air compressor. This will in turn allow the water in the compressed air to condense and be drained from the system via a new water/oil/air separator, which will improve painting a ton.

Also fresh lighting is on the horizon. Being a paint guy, I love bright lighting. It is looking like 2- 4ft 4 light bulb fixtures will go on each side wall, 1- 4 ft 4 light bulb fixture on each front and back wall, and 3- 4 ft 4 light bulb fixtures along the ceiling…or some other configuration may come about. This will require me to drop a new power feed to the garage but that will help in more ways since it will feed the compressor and oven too.

There will also be the purchase of some general tools that we have neglected for a long while such as a paper tree, 3 ft wall paper dispenser, welding cart, etc. Generally lower cost items but when the money can go into your car…you get the idea. Also a new bench will go in on the North wall for metal working a tool area.

As you can see I have my work cut out for me, but it will all be done by late November.

Freebie Lights

Brightest bulbs I could find locally for T12 units.

Starting at the garage door moving clockwise around.

Fire cabinet and loads of stuff that will go to the attic.

Still moving around, stripped these walls and started insulation.

Almost around...270* around.

Side door and compressor.

Made it around and rafters which will be seen never again.

Rafters the other way...

North wall insulated and looking swell

Wiring is nexted up and followed covering the walls and making a bench.

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