Magilla Gorilla: The Paper Chaser (part 2 of 2)

You saw my Chaser on paper; now here it is showing what it does best – being a paper chaser. I crack myself up. But for real, this thing will probably end up taking the majority of my paychecks and thus rightfully deserve being called a ‘paper chaser’.

As with any new car, you have to start with some maintenance. Get it up to snuff and make sure everything is kosher. First up was the serpentine belt. How many grooves are there supposed to be?

I then cut this shit off the rear. What a terrible “drift charm” (or whatever they are called)! Probably stand a better chance of giving the road gremlins hepatitis than scaring them away.

After jacking the car up, I took a look at the underside. Absolutely spotless and all stock arms. A good starting point for upgrades. However, it looks like I’ll be buying a new set of coilovers sooner than later. The oil is supposed to be inside the damper not all over my wheel well. Haha.

While I had it in the air and the wheels off, I addressed the minor surface rust that resulted from rolling the fender lips. The paint flexed and chipped in the process of rolling so there was some exposed metal. With the salty air/rain, it had some very superficial surface rust. Fix it before it gets bad! Here’s my mini how to:
Rust – Nooooooooooo!

Mask it off.

My weapons of choice – metal primer and undercoat. I did my best deciphering the labels of all the spray can options at Makeman’s and YellowHat.

I used some cardboard as another defense against overspray.

The finished product.

I then pulled the spark plugs to check the condition. There was oil on each plug’s threads but the arc was burning clean. I think a leaking valve cover gasket is to blame. I’ll swap the gaskets and see what happens.

That’s all for now. I ended with a few more items on my “to buy” list and a few more projects for the near future. I should be picking up a nice assortment parts this weekend so updates to come. Magilla Gorilla is a paper chaser.