Magilla Gorilla: Parts!

Today's haul.

It has begun. I went on a little exploratory mission today to find a few junkyards and shops. I left home with a small “to buy” list…but as you can see, it snowballed! Can’t pass up a good deal!

Bride Zeta II – used but not a tear on it!
Maziora Deep Dish Steering Wheel – UpGarage, baby!
Hub Boss Kit & Horn Button – new from Autobacs
OMS Spec Brass Shift Knob – a local dude turned these from solid brass…
OMS Spec Brass Drift Knob – …and they are bad ass!
Cusco Rear Sway Bar w/Bushings – brand new, but at UpGarage so it was cheap!
JZX110 Tension Rods – new OEM from Toyota dealership

The steering wheel explodes in the light!

Shiny! I am pretty stoked that the knobs kind of match the wheel. It will help give the interior a cohesive look.

The JZX110 tension rods will be a necessity down the road…can anyone guess why??? Hmm??? I’ll leave you in suspense.

I had a hell of a time trying to find the part numbers for the JZX110 tension rods online, so I just went into the dealership and cumbersomely worked toward an understanding of my desired part. Haha. For anyone else trying to track them down, here you go – note each side is different so there are two different part numbers:

JZX110 tension rod part numbers.

Surprisingly, the tension rods are not terribly priced. If anyone out there in internet world is having a hard time getting some 110 rods, send me an email –

I can’t wait to install this stuff but first some much needed shut-eye. I’ll be sleeping with my beautiful Bride tonight!

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