Timeout: Garage Refurb (part Duex)

Well we got more done on the garage last week.  By we I mean my father and I.  Thanks to him I would concentrate on wiring and insulating and he would cut and plywood the walls.  He even built a compressor room and work bench.  My dad is a one man crew, he killed it!

We wound up putting 6 lights banks down the ceiling and 2 on each wall down low.  Rearranging everything to fit will be the next interesting challenge.  A lot of stuff will go into the new attic space.  We made it to where the ceiling lights can be easily move  off to the side and you can get in the attic through any of them as well as in the compressor room.

Things left are:  fit south side lights, wire north and south wall, then wire everything in the attic, knock down all the burrs from the screw heads, install secondary door on compressor room, insulate attic, prime and paint.

Once the garage is finish it will be amazing…it already is vastly better and warmer.  I am surprised Steve and I both painted our cars in it the other way and they came out so clean.  Now I can only imagine how much improved our paint jobs would have been.

All this needs to be done prior to December 3rd…

Northwall and start of workbench, no compressor room yet.

New workbench on north wall instead of west. You can make out the corner of the compressor room on the right.

Compressor room.

Ceiling light holes. They will have the sides filled in(hard to see) and plexi-glass over them to seal them.

South wall light cut outs, there is another one just like this to the left. The north wall will have two lights that will be hung from the work bench when paint time comes.

This is how it sits right now. Just enough room to paint and do all that stuff.