Magilla Gorilla: Fake Update

This is an update with zero updates to the JZX100. Well, I did polish the lips on the rims. A real quick job but it made them shine.

This past Sunday, I went for a real nice drive around the coast and snapped a few pics. The above is a nice profile shot. I look at it and only see what needs to be done: new wheels, aero, and lower. The three easy steps to take your car from whack to mack. For a little extra JDM spice, Ganadors will be added when I find them. Hey, I’ll have to paint the aero anyway right?

Dirty car with bling.

With that being 17×9.5+38 with a 275/40 on the rear, I am fairly certain I’ll be able to get 17×9+20ish to tuck tire with out rubbing. Gone are the days of my S14’s low offset swallowing wheel arches.