Event: Okinawa Motor Festival 2010 – Day 1

When I caught wind of a drift competition going down this past weekend, I felt morally obligated to check it out. After all, I have been in Japan almost three months and I had yet to see any drifting. Okinawa Motor Festival 2010 held at Yukari Bokujou (a.k.a. The Bullring) would be where I cut my teeth. You can see the reason for the nickname in the opening picture; it shares the grounds with a bullring. The “track” is essentially a skid pad with a long shoot for high speed entries. The talent was varied and there were different run groups through the weekend. Much to my chagrin, I arrived around 10:30am to find it was toward the end of the drifting for Day 1 so not much action. Who would think it would end at noon?!?!? Here are the highlights from Day 1!

Let’s start off right with this stunning S15 that was an absolute smoke monster easily producing the most smoke of the day. From what I could tell, it is a (or an ex) Yashio Factory car.

A view of the layout. Motul, Works Bell, and Yashio Factory had vendor tents setup. The kids really dug the PS3 driving simulator setup in the Motul tent.

This was my first glimpse of this JZX100 Mark II with full BN Sports aero and widebody. I made a note to track this thing down.

Of course, the S-chassis was well represented…

…but more S15 Silvia’s were on hand than the much cheaper S13 180SX or Silvia. I am not going to argue with that!

Patiently waiting for their run group.

As classy as the S15’s looked on track…

…they just couldn’t come close to the melodic sounds that rumble out of the straight six 1JZ engines.

With the action concluded, I turned to the pits to check out the cars on hand.

I was loving this S14 – zenki, Desmond Regamasters, URAS vent, etc, etc. So awesome.

These S13’s were looking cute in their matching yellow hue.

The Yashio S15 sitting pretty. Super subtle and clean widebody. Two thumbs up on that.

It had an equally beautiful engine bay…

…with the cherry on top being the valve cover. It had all sorts of cool things going on in its pink paint scheme.

Oh, hello BN Blister S15. 18×10 with a -29 offset in the rear.

The SR looks “small” in relation to the bulbous exterior. Top notch clean engine bay though!

This S13 sported a not too commonly see “low mount” turbo setup. Pretty cool and effective.

The AE86 recipe for success: ITBs, dished mesh, two tone paint (my finger not included).

A closer look at the widebody Mark II. The JZX100 chassis doesn’t boast the deepest of wheel wells. The BN Sports widebody kit fixes all that adding 50mm in front and 60mm in rear. Hence, the unnatural ability to fit 18×10+18 Work XD9’s in front.

You can’t just slap rear over fenders on a four door sedan. You have to include some provision for the widening of the rear door to make it all flow.

The engine was fitted with an Apexi turbo and other standard go-fast bits. You can’t argue with the results, but after taking a peek, I consider the owner lucky that an electrical fire didn’t break out! A rats nest of wiring…is that an alligator clip is see?!?!?

Fuchsia? Magenta? Awesome?

Down in the parking lot and visible in the opening shot, this was too much to pass up. Stitch is HUGE here. Yes, that is all airbrush.

Another parking lot car, this JZX100 Chaser was rocking a Vertex kit and AVS Model 5 wheels.

I will wrap up Day 1 coverage with these pics of the super crispy and functional pull on this super low AE31 Cefiro. Normally, I am a Cefiro hater, but, if I see more examples like this, I may become a convert. Regretfully, I didn’t take any full car shots.

All steel perfection.

Stay tuned for Day 2 coverage!

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