Event: Okinawa Motor Festival 2010 – Day 2

When I arrived on Day 2, I found some the cars I showed in the Day 1 coverage already out on the track getting after it. I was super impressed with this S13. He was running pretty consistent lines and the car looked awesome.
Being completely new to the is “action” photography business, I had learned a good deal from the previous day. I was a bit more choosy with my viewing location, and the result was a close, clear shot of the last hairpin and a nice back drop on the big sweeper you see in the opening shot. It all sounds great on paper…

…but I still had to actually get the cars in the frame. Haha. Regardless of my aim, I still like this shot. I still can’t decide if I like the Levin or Trueno front better; there’s no wrong way to rock a hachi.

The S15’s are everywhere! However, this is the first time I have seen one sporting a 326 Power wing. Do like.

Look close. They’re different.

And yet again, another red S15…this one being the BN Blister car in action.

More red…but AE86. C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER.

This car looked mega tough parked, but with my awesome photo skills, I managed to capture it here looking mega wack. He drove the hell out of it though.

Thumbs up for cool parts on this S13 – East Bear mirrors and Advan RGII’s.

The little 4AG making some smoke.

Luckily, terrible livery and awesome driving aren’t mutually exclusive because this dude had both.

So simple and so good.


The sun was playing peek-a-boo behind the clouds. Here are the curves catching the obscured sun light.

I wanted to see the event from another angle so I ventured to the staging area to watch the cars do their pre-run burnouts then blast up the shoot into the big sweeper. The scenery is not bad as well!

The “shoot”. On the right side, there were many off track excursions as cars were unable to shift the weight and get the rear to kick out. They just understeered off track. It had to be a slightly hair raising experience riding the small undulating hills sideways with no means of control. R.I.P. sideskirts.

“Are you going first or am I?” Ok, here we go…

…flick right…

…transfer left. This cute yellow pair of S13’s showing how it’s done. This was more of a team drift segment than a tandem competition. These dudes ran pretty consistently.

The Steet Ripper initiating. I was so happy to see this car running. His driving confirmed the awesomeness I imagined.

This area was an awesome view of the action. I couldn’t see the whole run but it was definitely fun to see them blast by and initiate. The downside was it was just too far for my measly 4x zoom and I couldn’t really capture too much coolness. I then mushed on to the pits to see what was parked…
…I conveniently found the BN S15 with its profile exposed.

I took a peek inside. The car is show quality clean inside and out. It is awesome the owner was beating on as he was.

This kouki S14 looked super tough parked. America take note: these lower bumper and side carnards are coming. I have seen them on a few different cars and am beginning to really enjoy them.

Even in The Land of the Rising Sun people tag their cars with rising sun flags. This one was much more subtle than the full hood murals I am used to seeing in the States. And speaking of carnards.

I only saw one car have a major run-in with the concrete barriers and this was the result. The rear subframe was cracked and completely shifted over; arim or two was bent among multiple suspension arms; and a coilover was broke in half. Luckily, the engine area appeared fairly unscathed. Hopefully he’ll be able to re-shell and get back out there! Prior to the damage, this was a SUPER clean R32.

One 240Z on ultra wide RS Watanabe rims is cool…

…but how about two? Double cool? Each was OEM clean and a great representation of the iconic S30 chassis.

That does it. My first Japanese drifting event in the books. And my first time seriously trying take pictures of cars in action. So in concluding this event coverage, I’ll leave you with the last thing I saw as I exited – this slammed rootbeer JZX100 Mark II. Super awesome, right? What about the fact that there is a chick driver hiding behind the curtain? Ungh.