Timeout: Garage Refurb part trois

Got some Christmas gifts from my broseph.

The first picture really has nothing to do with the rest of the post, but Steve sent us some Christmas gifts from over yonder waters which is pretty exciting…seeing as how I know mine will be car related…lol.

It took me a while to get this update out due to me slacking for a week and then just plucking away since then. Why? The refurb was set to be done on the 3rd of December as there was a car coming for a drift paint, but, due to things like time and our schedules just not meshing, it didn’t happen. So, I took the week off since I had been killing myself getting it ready up to that point.

After the week off, my wife and I went there and primed the garage one night and painted it the next. Thanks to her, a four night job took two, and the walls are now a nice gloss white…soooo pretty. The rest of that week I busted out the wiring of the lights and wall sockets…it went pretty good, or so I thought. After plugging the wires into the breaker box and flipping the breaker…POP…hmmmm, I’ll figure that out later. So, that is still on the docket of things to figure out.

Then, I finished insulating the attic and it turned out great. My torpedo heater can now actually heat up the garage and kick off…most impressive, though it does stink something fierce. I also put up another shelf since I didn’t have enough storage space even after I filled the attic with everything you saw in the other pictures. I think when I move again I am going to keep the tools I want and chuck the rest…I got too much stuff.

So that was the fun…”enjoy” the pictures, particularly the last two.

Pretty wires, rafters, insulation

Lights setup and attic storage area

New shelf hotness and work bench...white is soo bright!

Right after paint and mounds of shaz that is now upstairs.


Little teaser shot 1

Little teaser shot 2

Little teaser shot 2

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