Christmas: Box from Across not so Troubled Waters

I imagine some of you are wondering what was in the box Steve sent me. Well, holding true to his usual gifts to me, there were car parts…haha. Yeah, when you have one track minds, why would you deviate?

It says, Don't open til Christmas...Thanks USPS for saving me the trouble.

The box basically showed up open so I opened it to check on stuff…it was all gravy. SOOO, I opened the first letter and divided up gifts based on the Christmas gatherings I had to go to. And, that is how she sat til Christmas.

*time passing*

CHRISTMAS! *plastic bags flying off gifts, elapsed time 5 mins*

My haul!

I got legit Ganador mirrors, an RPS13 Center Garnish (guess I need to buy the rest of the tails now), 2 styles of Broadway Mirrors (the convex one is awesome in my Suburban, best invention ever, cars should come factory with these things), and Drift Tengoku (the absolute hands down best drift mag ever, super informative write-ups, now if only I could read Japanese….poop). My wife and son got T-shirts. I know you are thinking “T-shirts?!?!”, but, if you could see the way the English language has been murdered, you would die of hysterics…they are AWESOME!

All-in-all very cool items. I was really impressed with Drift Tengoku and took a couple shots straight from the mag on an S Chassis Spindle write up for two reasons: one, the write up is full of tech, and two, to show that even companies from across the sea make some haggard parts while others excel.

Article Start

Haggard looking spindles...OMG, the new guy is puking in the corner. They must hold up fine though!?!

DMAX's spindles looking super sexy fine!

I just realized I am really excited in this post! LOL!