Build: Track Duty S14

It’s official: Brickhouse has gotten the green light on its first full customer build!

This black S14 made the trip north from central Missouri the Saturday before Christmas.  It was a no frills trip for the owner on the way up; unfortunately, it was not the case on the return trip.  After the automotive setback, I was asked to hold off the start for a couple days so he could figure out whether or not this was now feasible.  Showing his true gearhead colors, he said go for it! So, here we go:

The starting Point

Tubs and stitch welding to come.

The owner had already stripped the interior which revealed some rust...wha wha.

The rear parcel shelf will be removed for the cage.

Cancer in the trunk. It will be repaired/removed for the fuel cell install.

This ball will be gone through and lightened.

That is what it is…right now. The owner is looking for a track car build so this leaves a lot of room for good things to happen. The build maybe slowed a bit due to some bad luck, but now it’s game-on and the awesome juice is beginning to flow.

Current list of mods on the docket:
Full cage
Dimple die plates for cage
Mount fuel cell
Tub front wheel wells
Stitch weld engine bay
Paint interior
Paint engine bay
Paint cage