Shop Visit: Stock Garage

Stock Garage.

I stopped by Stock Garage to get some tires. As they were doing work, I figured I would snap some pics of what has become my favorite shop here. The owner is a super genki dude named Mitsu-san. He loves what he does and is stoked on drifting. This is where I picked up my Bride seat, Defi gauges, and Greg’s Ganadors and RPS13 panel. You never know what he’ll come up with, so I try to stop in once a month.

Taiya chanji.

As I said, today I actually had a purpose to go – six 215/45 Wanli’s for my newly acquired drift spares. Best prices around and happy to have my money go to good people.

S13 or S14?

He does a little drift spec car sellin’…

Random assortment of parts.

…and parts slingin’. He has quite the random collection too. In that picture to name a few, there is a SR manifold, a brand new set of Evo 7 Ganadors, a pair of 16″ Advan Oni’s, white faces set of Defi gauges, and a pair of 18x8J+26 Work Varianza.

The fabulous wall of wheels.

4-lug, baby.

If there are any steezy four luggers out there who want to ball on a nice set of rims for a stock body – 18x9j+25 and 18x10j+25. Holler if you’re interested, wheels only no tires.

Here are a few of my favorite items in the shop:

R34 in the front...

...Stagea in the back.

He is selling this R34 coverted Stagea wagon for a friend, and it isn’t just a facelift. It is rocking a full R34 drivetrain with functioning ATTESA. The RB26 has a pair of N1 turbos and is ran by a Power FC. He said it was a 3,000,000yen build, so it’s a bargain at 1,350,000yen. Haha. If I had a family, this would be my “soccer mom” car.

Option DVD and...umm...VHS.

Option and DoriTen since 2002!

Proving his O.G. status, in the waiting room, you can watch a VHS Option or read a Drift Tengoku from 2002. I flipped through some of the old ones and it was an awesome period in street spec drift style.

Endlessssssssssss. Ultrabonertown9000.

Saving the best for last, I think I asked him a while back about these Endless calipers and he said, “No sale.” If it turns out they are for a S-chassis and I can talk him into selling them, they will find their way onto my S14.

Magilla Gorilla not for sale.

As I wrap this up, another look from outside. Finding shops like this has made me really enjoy hunting for local shops and businesses instead of immediately turning to the national chains like UpGarage or Autobacs. Dealing with and talking to the owner really adds something great to “just buying car parts.”

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