Build: Residuueee Reeemoooovvaallllllllllll…..

FINALLY!!! 80 ft of 1.5 x 0.095 tube and 12ft of 3/8 flat bar.

Well since the roll cage tubing was taking forever to get here (showed up 1/6/11 @ 5:00pm) I decided I’d do anything else I could since my wife was going back to school on the following Monday (1/10/11). So I did the most time consuming thing I could think off aside from wiring – removal of the remaining sound deadening and it’s residue.It all went pretty good…ok better than good. We had a couple of days Tuesday (1/4/11) and Wednesday (1/5/11) that were unseasonably warm, like I was outside in a sweatshirt, no hat, no gloves. It was a gorgeous couple of days! It was nice to be outside not only for the weather, but there was no way I was going to clean off the residue in the garage without ventilation.

Three fourths of a gallon can of methyl ethyl ketone solvent, a stripping scotch brite, and a contact high later; the interior was glorious looking! It was right back down to factory e-coat and zero residue.

main floor pan before

After, but full of more crap from wire wheeling the interior seams.

Before, with the remaining sound deadening.

After, so clean that I ate my dinner right off it... nom nom nom.

I also did this with in the front foot area. I was wheeling the seams around these two factory panels and thought, “Wow these panels are ugly as sin!”. Ten minutes later with the tin snips and I had these cut out read to weld in.

Snip, Snip and presto!

I also took the time to clean out the garage with the car outside. It was due. All the rust and wire wheeling had left their toll on the floor. My brother will see this paragraph and be so proud of me. Anyone who knows me knows that I can and will just work in a pit and cuss myself for it the whole time. It is much nicer working in clean environment though and more efficient…I may just keep doing this thing they call cleaning.

Pretty well disgusting...

I saved this to give back to the owner...hahaha. From the rusty floor pan behind driver.

I have the main hoop bent and am now ready to move onto the forward bars. No pictures yet; I usually take pictures after I have a significant amount of stuff to photograph. None from this week though as it was covered when I had the camera out to take photos of the intercooler piping.

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