Build: Goin’ Tubbin’

This past week went a little like this…

Monday was a bust as it is my wife’s long day at school. Tuesday, I got out and did a little of this…

Mocked in tub, haven't cut out old wells yet

Wednesday saw me doing this (twiddling thumbs). My wife had foot clinic (she is in PA school) in the afternoon so I watched G-baby. Thursday was laid out to be the day I did work. I had a baby sitter lined up for the morning and Tanya was going to watch Grant in the afternoon.


So, I get out there and cut both front tub areas.

Cut holes about 3/4 of an inch to small so as not to cut too much, cardboard to protect the coils

Then, I finish the passenger side tub and fit it up.

ready to weld in

Followed by welding?

This is were it goes downhill. I started welding the tub and making beautiful welds all along the top, but it was not to be. I got around the side and the machine started doing weird stuff. I can’t explain how it was acting exactly, but, if you are a welder, you have surely had it happen to you. I checked my C25 supply (shielding gas) and, admittedly, I am low but still have 500psi in the tank which, I would think, is plenty. Then, I moved to my tip and it was a little dirty so I go to remove it – CRAP – the tip is all stuck together. So, I am done. I need to go get a new wire feed tip, shielding gas distributor tip, and outer gas tip. I’m going to take the case off and clean the welder out this weekend, basically give it a tune up.

If these things don’t work maybe I will get a TIG welder…pUH-Leeese. That won’t happen, but I can dream!

*As a footnote to my recent picture taking. I generally forget the camera when I start, so I take cell phone pictures. Then, I get the Nikon D40 out to take finished product pictures.