Timeout: LHD R32 Skyline in the Flesh

What do we have here?

I’ll skip to the punchline – yes, this is a left hand drive R32 Skyline. The American tuner’s automotive dream. A mystical machine of internet lore. A fabled beast rarely caught on camera. I can confirm it is, in fact, real.

In case anyone sharing the road with this thing was wondering.

What started out as a bleary 6 A.M. walk across Tallinn, Estonia, took an immediate change in direction toward wide-eyed excitement when this car came into view. Recognizing the profile, I became giddy. At the time, this was one of a handful of R32’s I’d seen in person. Seeing the gold Blitz Technospeed Z1 rims, I had hopes it was something special. Indeed, it was. I made a few laps around the car snapping multiple photos. After having my fill, we started to walk on, and it dawned on me – IT WAS LEFT HAND DRIVE! I turned on my heels and had a closer look at the interior.

Isn't that supposed to be over there?

The lighting made it very difficult to get a decent shot of the dash setup and I wasn’t about to put my hands on another person’s car in the ex-Soviet Union to get a better picture. These would have to suffice. It’s like watching scrambled porn – you know whats where but desperately want to see it clearly. My apologies.

Hinting at what might be a custom dash (i.e. cut and reconfigure) is the gold stitching you see tying all the black leather together. Yes, the dash is wrapped in leather. However, this may just go along with the attention to detail spent on the interior with tan leather adornments on the door cards, seats, e-brake handle, and steering wheel. Anyone know if Nissan ever produced a left hand dash? With the interior shots out of the way, let’s continue the exterior tour.

Buddy in picture, "So why exactly is this car special?"

"Skyline" calipers

Love the fender line.

The level of color matching on this car takes it to another level. The two tone color scheme was carried out everywhere – if it wasn’t black, it was gold. The wheels, brakes, gas cap, steering wheel, etc. – all a shade of gold. Theme song? What could easily have turned out looking like “too much,” looks pretty tastefully done and tied together in my opinion.

As I was writing this, I decided to type the logo on the door – GTR Autoteenindus – into Google and see what came up. Turns out it is an Estonian tuning and general repair shop. Here are a few more pictures from their site (link below).

Damn. (courtesy www.gtrauto.ee)

After seeing this, it’s a damn shame the owner wasn’t around to open the hood! Estonia bringing it! Those twins look huge! And, what do you know, more gold.

Many cows were harmed in the making of this interior. (courtesy www.gtrauto.ee)

Stitching detail. (courtesy www.gtrauto.ee)

As you can see, the interior revamp is top notch. I can’t imagine what that amount of custom leather upholstery costs. I’m guessing it’s not something you can just order out of a catalog.

Seeing these additional pictures really makes me appreciate how impressive the car really is. At the time, I didn’t know if it was a ricer with some stickers and a redone interior or something along the lines of what I’ve laid out before you. I am thrilled it is the latter. If photos weren’t enough, here’s a video from it competing in Race Wars about seven months prior to my photos.

Once thought to only exist in dreams, stumbling upon this LHD Skyline in person was a great thrill but finding it again as I wrote this is only too fitting. For more pics and info on the car/shop, head to GTR Auto. That is, if you can read Estonian.