Build: Welding Up My Loose Ends

Does this not grab your attention? LOL

This past week was rather productive with the finish welding of numerous things and heading towards engine bay prep work: stitched the front inner wheel wells, bent over the front and rear wheel well tire death lips and welded them to the chassis, finished welding the tubs, plated over numerous large holes, ground all welds in prep for filler, finished stitch welding above the engine bay “frame” rails, and welded the interior foot panels in.

This week was a rarity in that my wife’s school canceled classes. This has happened…umm…never – private colleges aren’t as lenient as the state universities on snow days. So this gave me the opportunity to get some things done on Tuesday and Wednesday…YAY! I can’t map exactly what I did each day as it was more of a flurry of activity once I got out there. I can say that Tuesday I did finish welding on the tubs followed by some hole filling. Wednesday was death lip beating/welding, inner wheel well welding, interior floor panel welding. Followed by copious amounts of grinding!

On the tubs, I figured I will get some criticism for lap welding on the interior of the wheel wells and making it “ugly”. Well to those of you that want it “pretty”, aka butt welded, I say do it that way and watch the flex of the vehicle slowly crack your welds and tear them off your car. The front wheel wells, aka aprons, on a unibody vehicle should never really be removed, but, in the case of wheel fitment and the search for “low,” it has become standard practice in drifting circles. The amount of torsional flex this particular area sees is insane. If you want a visual demonstration go to your own car and have someone turn the wheels for you while you watch as the sides raise/lower and twist. It is simply amazing. So in an effort to maintain strength I lap welded this area since it gives you two fully welded seams which then makes the new tubs act as built in braces.

Full lock here we come!

Holely holely hole......hole.


Inner well lower lap seam

Horizontal and Vetical Lab Seams

Upper lap seam

I plated over the hood-pop cable hole and super multi-junction hole, since hood pins are employed and wiring will get a complete over haul and placed in cabin.

more holes... or is it... no more holes

Then, I beat these bad dogs up to above tire shredding level and welded them to the chassis and themselves since the spot welds got pretty stressed via hammering. They are now ground-down so they look a touch better.

Welded the rear death seams to the chassis after beating them over which added a little strength and re-attached the torn spot welds.

Rear death lips welded to chassis.

This is the upper part of the rear seam bent back/up and tack welded in place. This picture also shows the tire/wheel clearance a bit.

the upper flange bent up and tack welded.

This was the last of the stitching that needed to occur.

remaining stitching finished

I attempted to get a full wheel arch at height so you could see the clearance that was gained.

Full wheel arch

Here are the floor panels welded up; way better than the things there before.

inner floor panel

I finally got a snap of the main hoop. Obviously not in place but will be shortly!


All pictures above were from one side since the other-side looks just like it.

I have decided to finish the engine bay through to primer so that way next week when my wife is on Winter break I can either paint the bay or start on the roll cage…leaning towards roll cage.

There you have it, two welding gas bottles (short ones) and two 2lb rolls of mig wire later…PRESTO!

2 replies on “Build: Welding Up My Loose Ends

  • Joe Bob

    First I’ve got to comment on the Mr Mom picture, its awesome. I love the 195/60/14s and the muffler with a bigger diameter than your wheels.

    As long as you grind the welds down everything looks good to me, if you forget to grind any down and someone asks you about them. Just say you were teaching your son how to weld and he’s a toddler still.

    Keep up the good work I’m jealous as usual.

    • Brickhouse Products

      Ahh my toughest critic…lol. First of all those 195/60/14 are 195/50r16…don’t be subtracting inches from me and you heart my muffler cuz it looks better(read crappier) than yours…lol…it is soooo old. That muffler came from my first 240 and it had been around the block by then.