timeout: Shakotan Boogie C210 Skyline

Dig that style.

During a cruise completely unrelated to cars – just exploring new areas; something caught my eye in the walled lot of what looked like any other mechanics shop. Nothing special about the place. Knowing it was too good to pass up, I made a quick U-turn and pulled in. After asking if it was okay to take some pics, I gave the car a lookover. I found myself staring at different things more than taking pictures. If there was a “Like” button for my life, it would be for moments like these.

Unmistakable taillights.

The C210 chassis is definitely one of the lesser known or, at minimum, less notorious members of the Skyline family. From the early model years, the Hakosuka and Kenmeri reign supreme. Even the questionable looking R31 seems to be more famous. It was great to see a different model as the recipient of someones affection.

Bringing it back to life.

Speaking of which, that looks like the sole reason this thing was seeing sunlight. It looked as though the car had just come out of storage – on a trickle charger getting a good once over.

Lips and Dish.

It had all the check boxes marked for a proper shakotan style car – small wide wheels, fender lips, a semi-crazy paintjob…

Molded exaggerated wing.

…and a cool molded rear wing. Normally, I am not a fan of molding, but this really gives the rear something extra and flows nicely with the fastback style. A nice change from the stock rear which packs as much excitement as an old Buick. With the paint scheme matching the new lines on the rear quarter, it gives it a cool look.


Nothing adds character like stickers. While I can’t read the kanji on the top two, the red one says “Shakotan Boogie” – the title of a manga about two brothers and shakotan lifestyle. Rather fitting…I know two brothers who like low cars.

Can’t wait to stumble across more of these gems!