Magilla Gorilla: Blah Blah Blah


I gave the car a wash the other day, then snapped some pics with the new wheels on. They’ve been waiting patiently in my kitchen for the past few months. I finally decided to buy a matching set of lugnuts and put them on. The car still has a long way to go before it excites me visually…but at least it’s clean!

Butter face.

Rear fitment...

...with an impressive amount of dish!

Less uggers coming soon...hopefully.

Wheel specs:
LockSmice Mesh
(F) 18×9 +25ish lo-disk
(R) 18×10+25ish super lo-disk

Whatcha’ll think? Award for ugliest Chaser?


And after starring at my pretty-in-pink valve covers (which too had been chilling in my kitchen) for over a week, I took advantage of a beautiful day and got them swapped out. I only needed to switch the driver side to fix the leak, but, since I had both, I decided to paint both and spice up the bay. I really like the way it turned out – some more under hood pop. Now, I need to do something to clean up that disgusting intake pipe and manifold. I’m also trying to decide what to do with the valve cover cover – paint or polish?


I then changed – paid a shop to change – the oil. The awesome thing about oil changes in Japan is you pick what oil and filter you want and then pay a ~$6.00 disposal/service fee. They change the oil and filter for the cost of the oil and filter (plus disposal fee). I’ll happily pay someone $6.00 to change the oil…the not so awesome thing is it is still absurdly expensive. This time around I switched to HKS 10W-45 Synthetic from Mobil 1 15w-50 Synthetic. The switch saved me ~$30.00. Only in Japan is HKS the cheaper brand. Haha.

And after getting some online feedback from the down under bros on, I sadly/frustratingly/depressingly/angrily came to the conclusion that my differential issue was attributable to the fact that I have either a fragged stock torsen or open diff. The anger coming from the fact that I bought the car under the pretense it had a TRD 2-way in it. Perplexedly, I read multiple cases of the stock open diffs locking when going straight – such is the case with mine as it clearly leaves two black lines. My issue became apparent when I tried doing counter clockwise doughnuts. All bark no bite. Because my GoPro is awesome, I made a video to help show the problem:

And when I first noticed a difference in directions:

To remedy this situation, I picked up a freshly rebuilt TRD 2-Way from the dudes at Stock Garage. I stopped by to say hi and it just happened to be sitting there. Hopefully, I’ll be doing left hand doughnuts in no time! I can’t wait to pop open the current housing and see what’s in there.

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