Event: 2011 Okinawa Motor Festival

It seems like I was just doing a write-up for the 2010 Okinawa Motor Festival, but here I am back at it with some pics from the 2011 Okinawa Motor Festival. Much like last time, my notification of the event was happenstance – then it was a poster on a restaurant’s wall and this time it was a flier from the event organizer/promoter, D-Stage, as I just stopped by to check out their shop. A week later and I would have missed it.

Being a pretty small island, I expected the driver turn out to be pretty much the same; therefore, I didn’t plan much by way of camera memory. Only 79 pics to be exact. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find the field split between returning and new competitors. I had also learned last time that my camera isn’t really up to the task of shooting action shots, so I stuck to statics. And as much as I enjoy drifting, I really enjoy looking all the cars over. I hopped around the pits while the different run groups were cycling taking in a few runs now and then.

The D-Stage S15 says, "Rawrrrrrr."

Super aggressive angular widebody.

Big fan of C33 Laurels...

...even more so when they have cool engine setups.

Only a half chub until he loses those eyelids, then it's bonertown9000.

Tell me more.


Battles in America. CST's in Japan. Awesome the world over.

Seldom are R33's cool, but this guy was working it out.

A proper wing, low slung stance, and fitting wheels are a great start.

Brothers' chassis'.

Love seeing undriftable Supras drifting.

The last time we saw this guy was on the back of a car hauler at the 2010 event. I thought the car was a goner.

Days prior to this event he blew by me on the E-way with rear bumper FRP flapping in the wind. With the previous damage "repaired"...

... he was back at it - driving flat out and super hard. This guy drives like a man with hair on his chest.

1. This car is NOT red. It's actually a really cool shade of pink. 2. CR Kai's 4Life!

Blowies provided by IHI.

Side pipes out the rear.

Part One’s a wrap. Part 2 coming.